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Words From the Lord

Word from the Lord for the Church to Pastor Sue Gregg Sunday, June 26, 2020

Listen to me! Listen for me! I have given you ears to hear so that you may listen to the sound of My whisper. When you sense My presence, lean in and listen for My voice. I am always with you, but when I want to speak to you I press in to your presence with My presence. Even as you press close to one another to speak or share a secret, so do I press close to you because I want you to hear My voice.


I have much to say to you in this hour, so you must press in. You must expect and listen, for I will reveal that which has been concealed. I will give instructions for construction to rebuild that which has been torn down. As you listen, I will give you vision—vision with precision—that will allow you to see truth from your position in Me. I will give you strategy to avoid tragedy, and information for confrontation so that you may address and refute the lies of the enemy that are trying to choke the life out of My people like thick black smoke of despair. As you release My words from your mouth the wind of My Spirit will clear the air and cause many to see truth.


Now is the time. We must work as one. You have My heart, for I have given Myself to you completely. Now give yourself to Me! Completely surrender your heart to Me so that we are one.


Stop being afraid! Stop serving yourself! Serve Me so that I may lead you in victory against all the wiles of the enemy. For he is entangling you in his web of deceit to keep you from advancing My kingdom on earth. but my kingdom will advance, for you are my Church and the gates of hell will not prevail against you. Use the keys I give you to unlock doors for yourself and others. Do not allow on earth what I have not allowed in heaven. Annul on earth that which I have already annulled in heaven. Use My Word and take dominion over darkness. Let’s work as one.


Your decree in this hour: “The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and His Christ, and He will reign forever and ever.”

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